Helping 7 track and field athletes compete at Youth Nationals in PEI this August

Here are 7 of the athletes from Victoria and Duncan BC attending the Legion Youth National Track and Field championships in PEI August 17 – 19Th.  Your support is invaluable and very much appreciated!  Thank you!


CBC Report on the Dream and The Debt

This news report describes the reality of funding a dream in sports, and the impact of financial burdens on the athletes.  The financial lessons of these young athletes are as valuable as the lessons they learn along their journey.  Each new level of success requires a time and a financial commitment and an attitude of positive expectation.  Getting to the ‘big leagues’ is a very gradual process or reinforcing and experiencing the possibilities!!  Congratulations to these young people and their families who aren’t letting ‘can’t afford it’ get in the way of their dreams!

Welcome to Shoes to Success

Shoes2success is an initiative from The MoneyMinding Foundation of BC aimed at helping young people achieve their goals in Athletics.

Shoes2success is an innovative program that will provide opportunities for funding and support for young people to experience excellence in sports. The program will provide financial bursaries, through an application process, for technical equipment, travel expenses for out of town events, and additional training. The overall purpose is to help meet a need that is too often fulfilled by debt spending which puts added financial pressure on families that are already working hard to balance mortgage, savings, and family life. Or worse, the young person achieves a degree of success only to be told to give up on their dreams as we ‘can’t afford it’, teaching them that there’s no way up, so they might as well drop out.

MoneyMinding is a financial education system that focuses on imparting skills and knowledge to create possibilities for earning, managing and maintaining wealth. The emphasis is on making personal money decisions from a values based perspective and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit which supports the realization of goals. MoneyMinding’s teaching goes beyond commonly accepted wisdom to reach goals that support individual families and communities with sustainable earning and spending. You can find out more in The Death by Money Report available at

Because Can’t Afford it Won’t Produce Successful Kids.

The concept for Shoes2success’s creative donation program is for gently used shoes and accessories to be collected and auctioned and or sold at regularly scheduled events and / or partcipating retail locations. Donations also earn a discount on new spending at sponsoring retailers. Shoes2success is actively seeking donations and sponsorships to send 5 elite athletes and their coach to compete at the National Junior Youth Track and Field Championships in PEI in mid-August. This group from the Victoria Running Academy will be ambassadors for the program, encouraging others to set high goals for themselves. They will be recognized and present their results at an exciting afternoon and evening fundraising event in the fall of 2012 in Victoria. This Shoes2success event is planned to include family athletic activities and an awards ceremony plus silent auction (with some fabulous Shoes, Handbags and Accessories), dinner, entertainment and mini tradeshow to showcase the sponsors and partners who have supported this initial group of athletes and the launch of this innovative program.

SHOES: Steps to Help Others Experience Success

For further information and to contribute to this exciting initiative, please call Tracy Piercy at 250-592-0457 or email

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